Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Ugh, worst.blogger.ever.

I'm really just writing to say hey, I'm still alive and kickin'. I wish I could say I've been part of some noble cause lately like ending world hunger, promoting world peace, eradicating teen pregnancies, or curing cancer, but really, I got nothin'.

I've sort of been working, applying to jobs (I need more money, in a more regular fashion), and exercising. I've also sort of been drinking a lot...but, what else is new? We all need consistency in our lives, right?

Here are some random/unimportant things to clutter up this (devoid of direction) post:

~ I realized recently that I have 44 photo albums on Facebook and almost crapped myself. I mean, that's just not right or acceptable or non-egotistical in any way. Look at me in these 44 fucking albums everyone...aren't I cool?!

~ I have the itch to get another tattoo. I'm wondering if going from three to four crosses over into "trash" territory...probably...although, I suppose placement/size/design is largely the key to remedy that.

~ I've really been digging the Avett Brothers' new album "The Carpenter". I even ordered an Avett Brothers t-shirt off their website because I'm rad. I'm pretty sure no one around here has a flipping clue what it means and probably just assumes I'm really tight with my biological bros. That's good enough for me!

~ New episodes of pretty much all my favorite shows start this week. I'm kind of feeling like I need to be showered and get all my homework done in time so my parents will let me stay up late to watch them. Um, what?

~ I finished reading that book that I ranted about in a previous post..."I hope they serve beer in hell". They might as well have just called it, "I hope I don't ever have to read a book so stupid ever again in my whole life because I'm pretty sure if I had to take the SATs again, my test scores would plummet just from reading this book alone". I heard that was an alternate title they didn't go with. Anyway, obviously I didn't have to read the whole book, but oh well, I did because I'm stubborn. I will not read the rest of his books. Stupid frat guys. I mean, if I were lying in a hospital bed with nothing better to do and someone wanted to read his other books aloud to me, I might listen, but I will certainly and by no means be making an effort to read such horrible filth on my own. I do have some standards.

~ My brother and his girlfriend are moving out of The Villages this weekend to a cute suburban area right outside of Orlando. She got a better job, and it's obviously a much better location. I'm happy for them. They are good eggs.

 ~Pippi continues to chew on dried bull dicks/spinal chords like it's her only lot in life (uhhh, if you don't know what the hell this weirdness means, you're not very good at reading my blog posts). It's pretty much her favorite thing ever. She comes to bed smelling like a miniature pony at low tide. It's kind of gross, but it's ok because I love her.

Ok, I think that meets and possibly even exceeds my own expectations for this post. What about you? Gooooo me!

Monday, September 10, 2012

One Year

I've been feeling a bit sentimental lately. I think it stems from my CT trip and seeing old friends, doing familiar things, feeling nostalgic, walking in the woods (gay, I know) and all that. I'm not even supposed to be getting my period right now, so it's not that, ha. I think I need to get out of The Villages before I turn all faggot-y. I have to live around people my own age and have promiscuous sex and stuff that young people do...yeah!

But, anyway...

Almost exactly a year ago was when big decisions were made and I moved to Florida. It's not easy to look around at the life you've so painstakingly built, the person you've built that life with and shared everything with, all your possessions...and decide you need to vacate.

But, I guess sometimes that happens and such is life. During those rare moments of absolute clarity, I think deep down, on a subconscious level and perhaps even a molecular one, we are all aware of what we need the most. As humans, when we are in tune with ourselves, we can know...and we can make the most educated decisions because we have known ourselves, inside and out, our whole lives. And amidst the chaos and the tough decisions to be made, it's nice to at least have that one constant...you.

It's so easy to go about your daily life as just that...your daily life. The little routines, the monotony. You can do that for weeks, months, even years. And, don't get me wrong, it can be great and full and peppered with many wonderful things. But, it's easy to get wrapped up in all of it and have blinders on and not look around and not think any new thoughts or see anything new or really do anything different. Until one day, for one reason for another, it hits you that you have to make a change. And perhaps it's not so much a unique revelation as an unraveling over time, of sorts.

Time does heal all things. Or maybe not "heals", per se, as the layers of emotion can thicken and then even out and you can go about your business almost as you had done before...but, the scar will always be there, even though it may be small. A little mark the world has imparted on you.

And, I'm happy to be where I am today. Even though you don't know what's going to happen, life is a journey along the way. I'm happy to have change, be living in a new place, keeping in touch with my good friends, be around family, meeting new people, dating. And, I'm happy I didn't "settle down" too soon or have kids or have mortgage payments. Everyone is different, but I think I've made the right decisions for myself. And really, that's all you can ask for.

Life is short, but it's also the longest thing in the human experience, and so I don't think there's any need to rush anything or overanalyze or overplan. You can't forget about living along the way. I think the best way to be unhappy or full of hope that won't be fulfilled is to have unrealistic expectations. You have to live in the present with pure body and mind and try to enjoy every moment.

So, that's what I'm trying to do. Tomorrow, who knows.

Photos from my CT trip

I decided to stop being lazy for a minute and post some pics from my recent CT trip. I think I took around 200, and even though most are on Facebook, I'm posting a few selections here as well for posterity's sake. Enjoy!

During a walk on the Litchfield boardwalk with Ms. Danielle A.

Mike and the 3 Danielles in Danielle M.'s boat...Woodridge Lake in Goshen (I know it's blurry, but I love this one)

My feet :-)

Nicole and Blake at the Ben Taylor concert at a winery in North Stonington

Hiked up to the Hublein Tower with Nicole!

All the Keiler girls reunited for the first time in a while!

Impromptu roadside photography with D. Andrews on the way to pick up the other Danielles from the train station

View from Blake's parent's house


Nicole and me at the Ben Taylor concert

The famous Westy!

Nicole picking wild flowers :-)

Random wonderfulness

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Ya know...

...sometimes I think I'm halfway decent at this whole writing thing, and then I read something like this, and I realize I'm not even close; not even close.

Friday, September 7, 2012


Lately, when I've been thinking about what to write about in my blog, it feels more akin to a homework assignment than something enjoyable. It's hard to find that happy medium between not writing about anything too personal/sentimental/boring, and yet, on the other hand, not offend people with a slew of completely inappropriate ramblings. Cuz I could be sooo good at that. Now, I know I need to placate all my wonderful darlings that follow me on here, but you might just have to suffer a little bit from time to time. Because I'm only going to write when some random nugget pops into my little pea head or when I'm reallyyy bored or maybe when I'm drunk...time will tell!

For today...
I'm reading this book called "I hope they serve beer in hell" by this disgusting author man...and I'm not even going to mention his stupid name because based on the book, I, and every other girl on the planet, hate him. I think even a lot of guys would hate him instead of giving him high fives. Basically, the whole gist of the book is how he's a soulless, spineless, gross, vulgar, raunchy, lots of other bad adjectives, expletives thrown in there, etc. person. Like, I'm literally surprised a random, crazy girl (or a sane one) hasn't murdered him yet. Or, I'm surprised his own mother hasn't. The book is that bad. It's all about his sex-capades, his terrible work ethic, his general laziness, his alcoholic drinking, how he thinks he is awesome, how all his friends are huge douche-bags, etc. It's hard to even accurately describe the filth that fills the pages until you read about all the asinine shit he has done...but, just to summarize a teeny bit, it's a myriad of situations like getting a blow job on the toilet while shitting, crapping all over himself/the toilet/floor and running around a hotel lobby with shit smeared in every which way, crapping/throwing up/popping in a breath mint/drinking some more alcohol/having sex with multiple girls in one night, getting wasted and having sex with his boss, crashing random people's cars into stores while drunk/throwing the keys into the woods/running away from the scene, etc etc etc. All lovely scenarios unfolding in that manner. One.chapter.after.the.next. God awful. He's had sex with well over 100 girls and should probably be dead. It's even on the NY Times Best Seller list, and apparently he has more books. Wtf?! I guess I can somewhat understand the appeal, because even though I'm not reading the book too quickly, I'm still reading it. Like a fucking idiot. I'm not sure why. I guess because it's hard to believe that someone could act like that and then also proudly write a book about it. So, it's like a bad car accident...or something. Orrrrr (more likely), I'm just stubborn and don't like not reading a book from beginning to end.

At any rate, it's gross, don't read it. If you do, it will kill your soul a little bit.