Monday, February 27, 2012

A sweet tune

loving this song right now

Much like the moon, my obsession with Ryan Gosling is waning...

3rd day in a row...big time!

Let's be honest...I haven't the slightest inkling if the moon is currently waning or waxing, but this isn't a post about astronomy or the phases of the moon. It's about Ryan Gosling!

Like every (straight) girl, I've been somewhat in love with RG (we'll just call him that) since "The Notebook" came out. Sure, I saw the movie like the day before I was supposed to get my period, but still, the effect would have been the same...maybe just a little less crying. Ever since that movie, I was hooked. Then, I saw a few of his weird films after that (like "Blue Valentine", which should have just been called "I'd have more fun slitting my own wrists") and was kind of like 'meh' until he really hit his stride this past year with "Crazy, Stupid Love" (uh, hot), "Ides of March" (uh, also hot) and "Drive". Somehow, I haven't seen "Drive" yet, but don't you worry, oh, I will.

Right after "Crazy, Stupid Love", like a schoolgirl, I was completely smitten once again. I changed the desktop background on my computer to a half naked artistic photo of RG (had to fix that promptly when my dad started having Skype-esque conference calls with his work peeps, and they were all like "is that Ryan Gosling back there?"...."isn't your daughter 29?" So, now it's back to a nice, mundane, landscape shot :) I wrote RG love letters and even pulled in a lot of important things I said to Macauley Caulkin (is that you how spell his flipping name?) back in the day. Things on the forefront of my mind like "you're so cute, you're such a good actor, I hope you will write back to me". This time though, my mom didn't offer to mail it out for me. I guess that type of shit is cuter in 4th grade.

Alright, moving on to why my obsession/love for RG is waning. It's to no fault of his own really (although it wouldn't hurt if he could just stop dating that tramp of a woman, Eva Mendes). It's just that after seeing his last couple movies back to back and being obsessed, I kind of fell off the bandwagon a little bit during this break. I'm sure it will be back on strong after seeing "Drive" though. However, another reason also could be that I'm setting my sights on someone a little more tangible...Daniel Tosh.

I know what you're thinking..."isn't he gay?" Shhh! I think the best answer is I'm really not sure, but does it matter all that much when he has the cutest smirk in all the world (and nice teeth)? And, we probably have a lot more in common anyway. We're both really funny, racist, tall and wear high fashion items.

But, LOOK AT RG's muscles...that surely means he must also have nice private parts legs...what a conundrum!

So, this is my life...toss up between RG and Tosh. It's tough...

At any rate, at least my celebrity crushes are more normal now. I used to have like a legit crush on Ryan Stiles. Oh, you don't know who he is? Just the tall, gawky one from that Drew Carey spin off show "Whose line is it anyway?" Yeppp, THAT GUY.

Then again, at that point in time, I'm pretty sure I was ordering most of my clothes exclusively from the L.L. Bean Christmas catalog, so I probably wasn't the best judge.

If a really hot and rich non-celebrity guy wanted to get with me, I might be ok with that...but for now, in the words of Aerosmith, I will "dream on". Hey, at least I don't have Bieber fever...that would just be completely immature.